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If you’re checking out this page, I’m guessing that you have a dream of leading your own life-changing events in wonderful and exotic, bucket-list locations around the world!  Somehow, some way you’ve heard that I’m the go-to authority for creating, selling, and running ridiculously successful, transformational destination retreats.

Before we go any further, let me be totally honest with you about WHY I started leading my elite (small group, high ticket) transformational destination retreats years ago, and why I still keep doing it:

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Back in 2011 I was leading a live event in Los Angeles — with the boring banquet room and the expensive film crew and the affiliates and a ton of stress… and I was feeling the pressure to offer some kind of continuing education option to my audience.

But there was a problem: I had no desire to sell a costly, time intensive mastermind.

I had just come home from my first trip to Bali. The idea of taking a small group of women back to Bali with me lit me up all over.  So I sold that instead, and filled my first retreat.  Then I filled the next.  And the next.

Without paid advertising or affiliates or any more icky banquet rooms.

One year my retreat filled up before I even sent an email to my subscriber list.

Every year my retreats got better. The results got more dramatic, and my net profit doubled, tripled, and quadrupled.

In May of 2014, every woman in my Money Goddess retreat originated from a country outside of the United States, and spoke a first language that wasn’t English. Wow!

I leave every event high as a kite on client happiness. It’s addictive.

My participants post photos and stories from my retreats all over the internet… getting new clients (and romantic partners) for themselves, and filling my next event for me.


And that’s how I became the go-to expert on Destination Retreats that produce

More Fun, More Profit, More Transformation


So while many of my friends are renting giant banquet rooms and spending 6 figures (and more) on their venue, the organizer, the advertising, the affiliates, the sales staff, the audio/video team, the stage and set, and the hotel room blocks for their live events… often LOSING money even after they closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales… and they still have to deliver their coaching programs to their buyers… I decided to do something EASIER!  And far more fun!

Instead, I prefer to deliver a one-time 6-day Transformational Destination Retreat that is so deeply impactful that my participants report their breakthroughs keep coming even years later.

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No stuffy banquet rooms! This is what MY events look like:






bali classroom 2014


Tonya and Monkey



In the beginning I made some painful, costly mistakes.

I also had some dumb luck that other things didn’t go wrong (or worse)! There’s a lot involved in foreign travel, visas, cultural differences, and keeping your participants safe and happy. You don’t want to fly blind on this! And a transformational destination retreat is NOT like other tourism trips. YOU are the main attraction.

I discovered stuff that didn’t work or didn’t please my clients or just caused myself a lot of unnecessary aggravation.  I know a lot more now, and my results keep getting better and better… for my clients and my bottom line.  (And yes, I’m adding an extra 6 figures of NET PROFIT this year from my destination retreats.)

I’m going to show you how to fill your events without spending a penny on advertising (unless you want to). In fact my events have filled themselves before I even sent out an email to my list!

Another benefit: I KNOW I’m not going to lose a dime on my destination retreats.  I know what my profit margin is before I get on the plane. I don’t even need to make an “up-sell” at my event. (In fact I typically don’t make any kind of continuing education offer… and my participants up-sell themselves anyway!)



My peers noticed what I was doing, and they started asking me

to share my secrets.

Other 6 and 7 figure coaches, healers and trainers started asking to “pick my brain” on leading their own global retreats. As the requests for guidance piled up, I figured it was time to put together a program for thought leaders and healers who want to break out and lead your own unique and intensely transformational destination retreats.

If you’re an experienced coach, healer, or thought leader who wants to lead your own sold-out, high end (at the very least $5,000, please!) retreats in groovy locations around the globe, centered around your own signature program or system, then this may be the training for you.

I’m gathering together a small group of people. We’re going to dive deep into the nitty-gritty tips and tricks to create, sell, (and run) your dream destination retreat.

This is an elite event, designed for leaders who have a proven track record of providing RESULTS for their people.

My intention is to give you the tools to turn around and make 5 to 10 times your investment with your first retreat.  The physical location I’ve chosen limits the size of this event to an elite, intimate group… just the way I like it. I’ll be choosing participants carefully for the right fit.


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When you join me, this is what you’ll get:

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You’ll learn:

  • How to choose a location — because you want a place that will ENHANCE your transformational work, not distract you and your participants from the results you want to create


  • How to structure your event — what to include, what to exclude, and when to do what — for maximum impact


  • How to price your event — the foundational factors you need to consider when calculating your sweet spot of giving value and making a profit


  • How to fill your event — you don’t need affiliates. You get to KEEP your profits!


  • How to keep people in your event — ACHTUNG! WARNING! Unforeseen challenges will show up to throw your clients out of the game. It’s part of the process. I promise.  Here’s what you need to know to make sure your event stays full.


  • How to get 100% client happiness — there is NOTHING better than happy clients; It’s the crack cocaine of personal development. Isn’t this what it’s all about? Happy clients want to stay your clients… long after the retreat ends.


  • How to create community LOVE — multiply you impact by creating a group so bonded and supporting that they’ll keep the transformation, and your MOVEMENT, going on long after the live event.


  • How to maximize profits — reduce your risk and save yourself thousands of dollars with these resources and strategies


  • Must Haves and Costly Mistakes — Ouch! I made these mistakes so you don’t have to.




In this immersion experience, you’ll get the BLUEPRINT

for how to lead your own High-end, High-profit

Transformational Destination Retreats.


Does this sound good to you?


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Why I do this…


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  • I love to travel. This gives me an excuse to schedule PAID VACATIONS.
  • Putting on big live events in my home town (Los Angeles) was expensive, stressful, less profitable and less fun. Too hard. Groan.
  • I haven’t wanted to make the intense time commitment of running a high end on-going mastermind, but I still want the income, the impact, and the community love-fest of in-person group coaching.
  • I am totally committed to forming a deep connection and life-long lasting change for 100% of my participants.
  • Every time I do it, it gets better. So I do it again. Cause I’m a happy client addict…
  • I like to do stuff that’s weird and different.


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Moving Forward…


This is NOT for every one! You need to be an Adventurer! You need to have a Big Vision. You need to deliver RESULTS for your people.

This is really BEST for experienced coaches, healers, authors, artists and thought leaders who have a brand, a message, and a signature system… and have been itching to create (and fill) one-of-a-kind live events in extraordinary locations.

I’ve created a list of questions for you to answer to help me know you and your needs better BEFORE I offer you a personal interview to see if we’re a fit. Because it’s my event, I do all my own interviewing.

I’m deeply committed to 100% client happiness, and I’ve developed a pretty good radar for picking the people who will:

=> get the most from my training

=> bring the greatest value to my group

=> leave ready to implement your own destination retreat

=> take away a bunch of new lifetime friends and JV partners

If I invite you to join my program, we’ll go over logistics and investment, and anything else you need to know, when we speak on the phone.











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